Dearly Beloved in Christ,

I am happy to note that the Sunday school of St.Peter’s Mar Thoma Church, New Jersey is launching a website of its own. The Bible explicitly communicates God’s love and plan for humankind in general and at this appropriate time the Sunday school of this Church has decided to pave way for meaningful communication of God’s love through this mode.

The very purpose underlying the activities of the Sunday school is to draw children closer to Jesus. I pray that the website would be a blessing for the students and keep them connected with the activities of the Sunday school. I sincerely hope and pray that this website would serve as a viable tool for garnering advice and suggestions from parents and well-wishers and in facilitating good internal communication between the Faculty and the student community.

May God bless this venture and equip children for His glorious ministry.

With prayers,

M. S. Daniel Achen